Membership overview

Please read everything carefully!

Colorado Roleplay is a FREE,  age 18+ roleplay community. We are a server that engages “Story-Telling Roleplay”. In our server, you can create many characters and build stories behind them. We have members that are criminals building an illegal drug empire, corrupted law enforcement officers, and civilians that make an honest living and have regular jobs. We are excited to open applications as soon as possible. We have three main departments that we feature in CRP; Communications, Public Safety & Civilian.

Creator Program

Video creators are welcome in this community. This community is started by a group of creators that were literally denied from the most popular FIVEM GTA communities. We were fed up after being denied so many times that we created our own server! We want to foster the creative abilities of others and help the creators in our communities get views and traction. We also are developing resources so new creators and engage in the community and gain traction.


All Aspiring Members Must Have:
  • Access to Team Speak Application
  • Legitimate Copy of GTA via Steam
  • Five M Modification
  • (Instructions will be sent if/when the application is accepted and membership is granted)

Public Safety:

If you have a decent computer, join one of our police or emergency departments. Public Safety members can choose what department they want to be apart of when starting a CRP session. We have the following departments: Los Santos Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff Office, San Andreas State Patrol, and Fire & EMS.



Our communications department has great tools and is one of the best experiences in CRP. If you do not have a powerful enough computer to run GTA this is the department for you. All you need is access to a microphone, the Team Speak application and a web browser to run our communication software. 


Civilians are the life line in CRP. Civilians are encouraged to create characters that they always wanted to be. Our server has an economy with jobs, houses and lots of earning potential. We also have a host of illegal activity for you to indulge in. Learn more about our departments at