Code of COnduct

Have any questions? Read the rules below!

Colorado Role Play
Code of Conduct

This Code of conduct applies to all individuals who act in a volunteer capacity in the CRP community.

Respectful conduct
Volunteers must treat with respect all fellow volunteers and all others with whom they interact while playing on the server. Harassment, discrimination or other behaviors that compromise the dignity and self-worth of others cannot be tolerated and will be addressed promptly, in confidence, and in accordance with standards of the due process developed by CRP. CRP expects all leadership positions and volunteers to abide by the Basic Human Rights Code. These are minimum standards and by no means cover every contingency. However, any material failure to comply with these standards will be sufficient grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination of the individual from their volunteer position and access to the server.

At all times, the privacy and dignity of members, other volunteers, and CRP volunteer staff must be respected. Volunteers may have access to information and documents relating to members, other volunteers, or CRP business that are private and confidential in nature; reasonable care and caution will be exercised to protect and maintain total confidentiality. Volunteers will not read records or discuss such information unless there is a legitimate purpose. All member records are the property of CRP.

Abuse of Power
CRP is a community that shares power among ranks. We have created leadership positions for people that want to be more involved. If someone abuses their position of power, please contact the server owners directly at

Shared Ranks & Leadership Positions
We have created a ranking structure at CRP but it is fairly loose. We have designated people to help you with your specific problems. If you are interested in becoming a leader at CRP, please visit the leadership page at

CRP Rules:
All Role Play Must Be Rated PG-13. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Parents are urged to be cautious. Some material may be inappropriate for pre-teenagers.
We are a family at CRP! Below are the rules. We must create rules to make the server enjoyable for all. We know some rules create barriers to roleplay, but we want to foster a create a culture where any and everyone can enjoy this community. Have questions? Send us a note at Make sure to use that link! Everyone had a direct line to the admins and owners of the server.

Treat People How You Would Like To Be Treated
Please treat others with respect. This community is design for realistic but FUN roleplay. If you have an issue with a member of CRP please communicate and address it. To report any misconduct go to
Zero Tolerance Policy for, Excessive Cursing, Racial Slurs, Prejudices, Gossip, Rumors, or Slander of Sexual Orientation. Please report all issues at

If you are not an admin or in a leadership position, please shy away from giving direction or telling someone what to do. If you have an issue please communicate and report at

Music and Media are not allowed on the server or any other communication platforms for CRP. Some experiences can be rough when people are playing music through their microphone on the server. Please refrain and try to be courteous of others. Burping, farting, or any sounds of a bodaily function should not be heard through the microphone. Yelling, screaming, past the normal sound level of your voice is prohibited. In addition, please be mindful and shy away from excessive background noise through your microphone.

General Operation

CRP Roleplay Guidelines:

Push to Talk is Required to communicate in CRP
All personnel is REQUIRED to have a functioning Microphone to participate in any roleplay on the server. If you need help getting access to a microphone let us know! Email us a and put “Need a Mic” in the subject header.

Please roleplay in the designated roleplay area.

We know you might forget from time to time, but please remember you must be signed into the CAD.

Members are allowed to be involved with any other Grand Theft Auto V Role-play Community/Clan.

Recording or streaming of any Colorado Roleplay content or asset to any website or online must be registered! We do this strickly to help share your content and to give you tools. We would also love to feature and advertise your content! Visit

English must be spoken in all communication

Use of any Colorado Roleplay for personal gain or benefit of non-authorized individuals and/or organizations is strictly prohibited.

Coming on Colorado Roleplay’s TeamSpeak or Discord Server while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics is strictly prohibited and will be subject to an immediate strike two. (see strikes in Section C)

It is recommended for all members under the age of 18 years old to have their parents/guardian permission prior to joining any RP (Role Play) Community.

You can come as you please in CRP. Please just communicate to your the head leader of your department and let us know if we can help with anything. Once you become apart of the family, you are always apart of the family!


Discipline is handled by the Admin/Owners of the server. ANY RULES THAT ARE BROKEN ARE SUBJECT TO DISCIPLINARY ACTION.
Discipline is handled in strikes
Strike One: Talk to by Leadership
Strike Two: Temporary Ban from Server & Forms
Strike Three: Indefinable Ban From Server & Forms
Strike Four: Permanent Ban From All CRP Communication and Assets.